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1963 AC Cobra Roadster CSX2120
Thanks for viewing this stunning 63 Cobra. CSX 2120 is the famous leaf spring 289 “Steak and Stinger” Cobra used by Red LaFountain to promote his Lake Placid restaurant for several years.

Painted in its original metallic Vineyard Green over Tan leather interior and sporting chrome wire wheels, this is one of the best-known early street Cobras, the fifth from last worm-and-sector steering box car built. It's been carefully restored and maintained in a succession of collections and kept in great condition.
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Chassis number CSX 2120 is recorded in the Shelby American World Registry 1997 as first invoiced to Shelby American on 20 May 1963 and shipped to Los Angeles four days later. In October '63 it was shipped to Dearborn, MI together with four other Cobras as part of a consignment to the Car Sales Promotion Department of the Ford Motor Company. The World Registry further records that following its use as a demonstrator or PR car by Ford, 2120 was returned to Shelby American and in 1964 was purchased by a Mr. Moses W. 'Red' LaFountain, of NY through Egglefield Ford of Elizabethtown, NY. At that point a red stripe was added to the Vineyard Green body color and the name of LaFountain's restaurant was stenciled in white on both doors in an effort to promote his business! It's titled as a 1964 AC Cobra, because of the sale date.

In 1967, the Cobra, still in stock condition, was sold to a college student from Pennsylvania who was attending Paul Smiths College. By 1980 the car appeared in a Long Island, NY restoration shop having reportedly been sitting in storage for some time. The history continues through more ownership changes, during which time the car was repainted and restored, including a major restoration in 1990, which included the replacement of some tired aluminum panels. At this time, the car was acquired by a Michigan broker and advertised for sale, whereupon another change of ownership ensued, when it was purchased by Peter Davis of Dearborn MI.

CSX2120 IN 2001
In the late 90's it went into a private collection in New York, where it saw very little use and it stayed until 2001, when it was sold at a Christies Auction. Later, in 2004, it was bought by Phillip Reyns of Chandler AZ. Under his ownership, in 2005, 2120 was submitted to a complete mechanical overhaul; including brakes, clutch, new master cylinder, hydraulics, new aluminum radiator, hoses, check of all bearings and hubs, new oil cooler, coil, point, condenser,etc. There are several pages of receipts covering the work performed at this time.

It was purchased by the current owner in 2007 and he has kept it in great mechanical condition. HE ACTUALLY ENJOYS DRIVING some of the cars in his collection from time to time, so he keeps them in perfect working order. Pages of receipts and pictures covering all mechanical and cosmetic work performed over the last six years will be given to the new owner. The odometer currently reads 6024 miles, however this car is mileage exempt and the true mileage is unknown.

Cosmetically, as you'll see below, this car is also in excellent condition. It hasn't had a major restoration in some 20 years, but the paint is bright and shiny. The interior is excellent. The only blemish that I could find in the paint is a small area on the passenger-side fender, just to the side of the opening for the engine bay, where two very small "spider cracks" have appeared. They are both approximately the width of a dime and they are maybe three inches apart. There are also a couple of the normal very small rock chips from driving.

These fantastic 289 Cobras are just that – fantastic, they offer the Cobra enthusiast a purebred gorgeous car without sacrificing any speed or quickness, while gaining an added dimension of comfort, ease and style. Both driver and passenger can ride at high speeds, have a conversation and not burn their ankles on the way to dinner, giving the 289 Cobra a refined quality the 427 cannot match. Presented in the attractive Vineyard green color that CSX 2120 has retained since new, this 289 Cobra is a unique blend of British motoring and American power that seems to work in tandem, perfectly offering its next owners an exhilarating ride in one of the greatest postwar sports cars ever built. 
All original photos were shot on site at The Winning Collection.
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