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2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP LS3 Coupe
Thanks for viewing our STUNNING 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe with an LS3 engine conversion. This cool car only has 11,110 miles and is in EXCELLENT condition. It's Silver with Black leather interior, has a 6 SPEED MANUAL transmission and lots of great features.

The LS3 Conversion was done by Wade's Garage, who have been featured worldwide for their Solstice V-8 conversions.
This is a high-quality, professionally converted V8 Solstice GXP.
This Coupe started life as a stock Solstice GXP COUPE, with all the standard stuff and extras that you get with that car, special leather seats, stereo, etc. All of these standard features, options and extras, like the A/C, power windows, stereo and power door locks work exactly as they should in a new, stock Solstice.

The wheels, however, are very unique. They are a RARE 18" Pontiac Factory wheel, which was used in the advertising and promotion of the Solstices, but tot he bestof our knowledge, were never available for retail. The stock was bought by a private party who had the last couple of sets. He was tracked down and the owner of this car bought the last two sets, one for this GXP 6-speed and another for an automatic.


WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE WHEELS, this car looks just like a bone-stock Solstice, but it sure doesn't drive like one. The owner, who commissioned this project, wanted a total sleeper, A STEALTHY POWERHOUSE!

  • LS376 / 480 GMPP “Hot Cam” crate engine
  • High Volume Fuel Pump
  • T56 Magnum (6 SPEED MANUAL) Transmission from Standard Transmission & Gear
  • OEM 2010 Corvette Flyweel and Clutch Set
  • Custom Griffin Radiator
  • Cadillac STS-V Limited Slip Differential – 3.42 ratio
  • Custom-built stainless 2 “ exhaust system with “X” pipe
  • Custom-made engine wire harness
  • Custom-programmed E-67 GM Engine Control Module  (computer)
You can visit Wade's Garage Solbra Solstice Website for additional info and pics about the upgrades and the quality of the work that they do, but here's what they say about their Solbra conversions.

"When you have a more powerful engine installed into a vehicle, you want to be sure that everything can handle the extra power. That's why our standard package consists of V8-capable hardware, not adapting any stock 150HP-rated drive train components. And we've spent nearly as much time researching and designing our engine computer software as we have designing the mechanical changes! That means that we can offer features like 100% fully functional OEM cruise control, ABS brakes, gauges, and of course air conditioning. We don't do backyard engine swaps, we create OEM-quality cars that are ready for comfortable daily driving. Everything that should work does work."
Click here for a VIDEO TEASER!!!

If you want to see it, please contact Ken (828-654-3222) in advance and we'll arrange an appointment with the owner.  It's currently located in West Virginia. I did take these photos and I have seen the car in person. The owner is a serious car collector who likes to get involved building amazing project cars, like this Solstice coupe. 
If you have any questions about this awesome COUPE,

call KEN (828) 654-3222 or email

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